Sunday, January 25, 2015

Catju Designs Book Review: 2015 Crafter's Market, How to Sell Your Crafts and Make a Living

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I was very interested to read the book entitled "2015 Crafter's Market, How to Sell Your Crafts and Make a Living," as I am always looking for tips and hints to increase sales of my handmade jewelry. The subtitle of this book is "Articles, tips and advice from experienced Craft Business Owners, over 1,000 listings to sell your jewelry, papercraft, quilting, knitting or sewing!" Given that, I was pumped up to get some ideas from this 331 page book, and read about how other people were making a living with their craft.

Front cover of 2015 Crafter's Market Book

The book is divided into several sections, including Business Basics, Articles and Interviews, Market Listings, and Indexes. The biggest section of the book was the Market Listings section, which is 160 pages of Industry Shows, Shows and Fairs, Online Market-Places, Book Publishers, Magazines, and Online Communities. Each listing is broken out with the title, address, phone number, fax number, website, and lots of additional information. For example, under the Shows and Fairs section, there is a show held in Washington DC each year called Crafty Bastards Arts and Crafts Fair. The listing has the contact information of the Washington City Paper, (202) 332-8500, website It is a fine arts and crafts fair that accepts handmade crafts and other mediums made by independent artists. Information such as the number of attendees, deadline for admission, application fee, space fee, and exhibition space can all be found on their website.

Back cover of 2015 Crafter's Market Book
As another example, under the Online Market Places, there is a listing for Etsy. The website is listed as, and states it is "geared towards handmade items. Shopping cart checkout feature. Products sold: handmade items, vintage, craft supplies. Setup costs: $0.20 to list an item; 3.5% fee on sale price. Listing features: user profiles, photos, shop banner."

My favorite part of the book was the Articles and Interviews section. You can find out about Tips and Tricks for a Successful Craft Business from Cottage Mama, Lindsay Wilkes, Branding Strategies for Craft Business from Tula Pink, Finding Success on Etsy from Kristen Robinson, Pricing your Work from Grace Dobush, Write and Publish a Craft Book from Margot Potter, and many more articles. Each article provides up-to-date information and was written by a successful business owner.

Article on Publishing a DIY Magazine Article from the 2015 Crafter's Market Book
So as you can see, there is current information for the many, many resources for crafters. The index was very helpful, as it was divided into a Regional Craft Show index, Subject index, and General index. This book is priced at US $27.99 and is well worth the price.

If you get a chance to read the book, please come back and leave a comment and let me know what you think!