Thursday, July 4, 2013

Venetian Glass Bead Earrings

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Venetian glass beads are one of my favorite beads, they are each a work of art.  They are perfect to pair with Swarovski crystals to make a unique pair of earrings.

I purchased these beads from Anacapri, a company based in New York.  They travel each year to Venice to purchase beads.

These beads are made by bead makers who have spent centuries creating these individual works of art. They use glass rods to wrap molten glass around a hollow copper wire, then add avventurina (a shiny coppery substance), colored glass or gold or white gold foil. Lentil beads are pressed into a mold to form their shape.
Look at all the design possibilities!  To purchase these earrings, visit my Catju Designs Etsy shop.
Leave a comment and let me know which pair is your favorite.  These foiled lentils are amazing!!