Thursday, February 21, 2013

Another Sunset for Jewelry Making Inspiration

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It has been a cold February here in Maryland, recent temperatures in the low 20's at night.  Just last week while eating dinner I looked out the big bay window in my kitchen and saw this very beautiful sunset.  

I dropped my food, snatched up the camera, and headed outside before the night sky took over to take some pictures.  In the center of the photo you can see an old barn nestled in the trees.

When I see a sunset like this with such a variety of colors, I want to get out my beads and try some new color combinations.  Although orange is not one of my favorite colors, seeing it in this photo bring a new appreciation.  And who would have ever thought to pair orange with purple and light blue?

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Best of Etsy: LIKE IT? NO, LOVE IT!

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Today I’d like to introduce you John, a great seller that I met through Etsy.  His shop is called LIKE IT? NO, LOVE IT! and he is from Dublin Ireland.  I recently chatted with John about his Etsy and jewelry making experiences.

John and his daughter

John started selling on Etsy about two years ago, opening a shop and ramping up in January 2013.  He previously had a landscaping business, where he liked to create and design.  A back injury forced him to change his whole life, but he knew that he needed to take his creativity in a new direction, which he found in jewelry making.  Although he makes a few items of jewelry each week, he focuses more on selling supplies in his shop.  He has a very nice variety of items for sale in his shop, and lets his customers know that if you don’t see what you need, to ask, as he probably has it.

One of John's handmade rings

I found his shop when I was looking for shamrocks to make into earrings.  I found those and a few other items too.  When I saw these items would be shipped from Dublin, I was worried as I wasn’t sure how long shipping would take for the items to reach the U.S.  I’m happy to report that my order arrived promptly, so there were no shipping issues.  Here is a photo of the earrings that I made from the shamrock charms.
Earrings made from shamrock charms from LIKE IT? NO, LOVE IT! Etsy shop
John describes meeting really nice people as being the best thing about Etsy.  As far as the worst thing, he has two:  the small percentage of sellers that are too serious and complain if you visit their shop and don't buy anything.  They seem to be more worried about their stats than making actual sales.  The second thing is because he sells supplies, and most orders are more than two items, there isn’t any way to discount shipping on more than two items to correctly match actual shipping cost.

These lovely butterfly painted stone beads are one of John's best sellers, and I can tell why.  They are gorgeous!  I'm waiting for them to be listed again so that I can purchase them.

Another of John's biggest seller are his handmade rings, as shown in the photos throughout this article.  Aren't they unbelievable??
Teal and green crystal ring in silver                 
Check out John’s shop when you get a chance.  I know that I’ll be looking periodically to see what new supplies John lists for my future jewelry designs.

Christmas in Dublin Ireland
Thanks to John for allowing me to interview him for this blog.