Sunday, December 9, 2012

5 Tips for Giving Jewelry as a Gift

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If a beautiful piece of jewelry is your perfect gift idea, you are not alone. Many people choose a gift of jewelry as the ultimate way to show recipients how special they are. However, choosing the right piece of jewelry is not always easy. Here are 5 suggestions for giving jewelry as a gift. 
Black Gold Amazonite and Swarovski Crystal Necklace Combo by Catju Designs

1. Know what jewelry the recipient likes to wear
Does she prefer drop earrings? Would she wear a bracelet? If you discover, for example, that the recipient does not like to wear necklaces, you won't want to give her one. Find out what she likes to wear.
Olivine Swarovski Crystal Bracelet and Earring Set by Catju Designs

2. Know the recipient's favorite colors
If there's a gorgeous pair of turquoise earrings you'd like to buy her, you'll first want to make sure that turquoise is a color she actually likes. It's best to learn the recipient's favorite colors before you choose the jewelry.
Copper Vine Earrings by Catju Designs

3. Know if she prefers modern pieces or vintage pieces
There are some gorgeous vintage pieces on the market. However, you'll want to make sure your recipient enjoys vintage jewelry. She may like more contemporary designs. Discover the kind of look your recipient likes before you shop.
Necklace designed by Kathy Reading of Catju Designs

4. Know where to find the best jewelry
Once you know what jewelry your recipient likes, you'll want to look for a quality gift. Cheap pieces should never be your first choice, and a quality piece of jewelry does not have to be expensive. You can find gorgeous, well-made jewelry at affordable prices. One place to look is Etsy, where you can buy original, handmade designs. Few recipients would turn down a handmade piece of jewelry that represents a one-of-a-kind.
Potato Pearl and Swarovski Crystals Bracelet

5. Know the best place to present the jewelry
Whether you surprise her with lovely jewelry or whether the recipient knows beforehand what gift she is getting, make the presentation memorable. Present her with a lovely pair of earrings over a romantic dinner. Give her a fun and funky bracelet right before a night of dancing. Make sure to give her the jewelry in a box wrapped in lovely paper with a sparkly bow. The way the jewelry is wrapped adds to a perfect presentation.
Copper Flower Necklace, minimalist design

The bottom line is you'll feel more confident in your gift if you not only educate yourself on what your recipient likes, but also take care to present the jewelry in a memorable fashion.

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