Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Repurposed Clip-On Earrings, Before and After Art Deco Style

I bought these clip-on earrings at The Good Stuff Consignment Shop in Sykesville MD with the idea to repurpose them.  I liked the art deco style, and the interesting pink glass dangles.
As you can see, the top clip on part of the earrings are an antique silver metal with a plastic square inset that is a light yellow color.  There is also a black plastic square that is riveted in the center.

So what I did was take apart the earrings, setting aside the pink dangle for another project.  I cut off the clip part of the finding, and filed down the sharp edges.  

As you can see from the photo below, I very simply added a couple of links and antique silver lever back ear wires to the hole that was already on the top piece. 

Repurposed clip-on earrings by Catju Designs
This was a fairly easy project and should give you an idea on how quickly you can repurpose clip-on earrings.  I will post a future blog entry when I figure out what to do with the pink glass dangles.

If you are interested in purchasing these earrings, visit my Catju Designs Etsy shop at this link.


Devolyn A said...


Daisy Jackson said...
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Sandra White said...

The pink dangles have made the earrings look interesting. The touch of color has created a nice effect. You have done wonders to the earrings.

Sandra White said...
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Kathy Moon said...

Congratulations for converting these earrings into lovely pieces. Your idea rocks. The earrings look beautiful now and can be worn with many outfits.

samantha jolie said...

I always check your site for such innovative ideas like this one. how easily you have given the earrings a completely different look. they look absolutely art deco now.

anita shah said...

WOw... love these pics.. especially their fashion earrings!
Thank you for sharing these pics.... i've pinned few of them to my boards!