Sunday, July 1, 2012

Magazine Destash Bead and Button, Bead Trends, Bead Style, Etc.

This weekend I've been going through my jewelry making magazines and listing them for sale on Etsy. At $1.25 an issue, they are a great buy.  They are in good condition, and have been a great source of inspiration, projects and for design ideas.  Check out what is available at my Catju Designs Violetray Etsy Shop, which was set up especially for destashing.  Did you see Pookie the beading kitten?

Bead and Button Magazines
Since I've been making jewelry for a very long time, I've got so many magazines that they are taking over my studio.  That means it is time to destash!

Bead Style Magazines
You'll also find some Belle Armoire and Expression magazines, which really showcase artisan jewelry and how to incorporate art jewelry into fashion.

Belle Armoire Art to Wear Magazines
 Go find some inspiration today!

Expression Magazine, Sharing the spirit of creative arts
There are also Bead Trends magazines for $5 and issue, instead of the retail price of $17.95.  I've even listed the July 2012 issue that I just got in the mail last week.  If you are interested in this magazine, click here.

Bead Trends Magazine


julia brown said...

I admit that you have an impressive stock of magazines. Anyone who is interested to know more about designing will benefit from these magazines. Since how long you have been collecting them?

Christopher Wilson said...

I will definitely visit your shop and get some of these magazines. My wife is into designing jewelry and she often runs out of idea. She will be happy to get these magazines.

Robert Jones said...

No wonder, you are so innovative with the designs. These magazines are a wealth for any designer as you can use the ideas present in these and even create new ones. Now I know you source of inspiration.

Charles Decosta said...

I am interested to get the Bead Trends magazines. I hope to drop at your store this weekend and pick up a few magazines. I need some ideas for a jewelry exhibition I have planned to host next month.