Sunday, June 3, 2012

Orange and Pink Necklace of Five Strands, Colors for Spring


Czech round beads, mother of pearl "teeth" and orange striped beads handmade necklace

Today we have a guest post from Devolyn on her thought process to make this awesome five strand necklace.


My daughter is graduating from Middle School, and we talked about the teachers that she wanted to give a gift to at the end of the school year.  One of these is her art teacher.  She has always been extremely positive about any artistic attempts that we make and has always been VERY nice about pieces that I've made.  But she's the art teacher; she's an artist in multiple mediums; she is ...arty.  This is intimidating to me, but it makes me want to be arty, too.

I went to my bead board and found some pretty, sparkly beads - the bigger pink Czech rounds.  I then looked for other beads that were close in color.  I pulled some pink and some purplish beads.  I grabbed the MOP "teeth" because I love the unexpected and organic shapes, and I thought that would maybe be a little arty.  I pulled the orangey-striped beads because (1) they make me happy and (2) the color wasn't too far off.  And putting unexpected colors together is a little arty, too, right?  Then I found some more orangey-pinky-goldy beads that seem to coordinate with both colors - a smaller Czech round and some glass Druk beads.  The seed beads seemed a good filler, and they're more a heavy cream color than white.  (I think white would've been too stark.)  The purple beads were just all wrong, so I put them back.  Now the colors are light and happy and not too horrible together, although I'm still trying to convince myself that pink and orange will work together.

I ended up with quite a pile of beads, and I fairly quickly decided that I want to do a multi-strand necklace so that I could use more of them.  My goal was a balanced visual mix of color and weight, but I kept the MOP "teeth" to the front to avoid unwanted poking from the side or back.  (I should probably mention that the teacher is a petite lady with very fair skin and light colored hair and eyes.)  My goal was at least 5 strands, with the possibility of 7. (I do most things in odd numbers.)   I used each of the primary beads  - large pink Czech rounds, MOP "teeth", and orangey-striped beads - in two strands of different mixes.  I used the filler beads as it made sense.  I would frequently look at the strands together to make sure I wasn't too heavy toward one color of the other.  I was finally able to put the large pink Czech rounds with the orangey-striped beads, but I had to work my way up to it!  There was one bead - the pink MOP disks - that I used only once since my daughter didn't want them in the necklace at all, but I did.  After I did 5 strands, we decided that it didn't need any more.  My daughter wanted less of the seed beads, but I think they add lightness.  Our compromise was no strands of just seed beads.

Completed necklace.  Check out the lovely butterfly clasp!

She chose the 3-strand sterling silver butterfly clasp, and I usually do the clasp ends of the strands a little skinnier to make more room for them and make the back a little lighter.  I don't add the clasp or crimp anything until all the strands are done.  Because I wanted a less organized look, I kept the strands all at about the same length, but I wasn't overly obsessed about it.  The strands can be kept straight, twisted, or even braided a little (by turning one clasp end over in between the strands but this is not easy to undo).
We're both pleased with the way it turned out, and I hope the art teacher likes it as well.  I think the colors look very nice together, and it doesn't seem glaring that this is PINK and ORANGE, OMGosh Looks more like sherbet or something.


Anonymous said...

This is cool, great idea. Great job on this website, I really enjoy reading all the work you have been doing. Very interesting thanks

Anonymous said...

Can't believe you made this.. So cute!

Martina Longman said...

Although on hearing it seems that pink and orange will never work but for this necklace they really work. They have created a soft and arty feeling the one you wanted to create. Actually going multi-strand was the best decision as it has brought out the beauty of the beads.

jackie austin said...

Fabulous creation! Anyone would love to get such a nice gift. Let us know what the art teacher said after receiving this beautiful gift. I know, she must be elated.

Daniel Long said...

Beads which are long or sharp, do tend to poke at the back and create uneasiness. You must have got a huge experience of creating such pieces. Otherwise you could not have guessed the problem. Vey wise decision.

Robbin parker said...

Considering the skin color and figure of the teacher, you have chosen the beads wisely. Her fair skin will be complemented by both the pink and orange colors. I hope she likes it.

michell alba said...

Good choice of beads. The creation looks great. I like the butterfly clasp. It goes with the theme of the necklace. You know, soft and arty and feminine.