Saturday, June 9, 2012

Bead Show Loot from Bead Dreams of NY

Check out these photos of my favorite bead vendor, Bead Dreams of NY.  I attended the Northeast Bead Extravaganza a few weeks ago, and David was kind enough to let me photograph his booth to be able to share with you all of his amazing gemstones.  Here I am in bead heaven!

David from Bead Dreams of NY and Kathy from Catju Designs
Here is a rack of large hole beads in all colors imaginable.  I like to use these 8" strands just as they are and make them into bracelets on elastic.
Large Hole Beads
Now we are getting to the gemstones.  Here is the section that David has deeply discounted.  He usually has a section of very reduced 16" strands.  These were $4 each.  Look at the variety!

$4 a strand sale
Move around to the next section, and look at all the colors and shapes that Bead Dreams of NY has available.  I can always count on David to find the coolest colors, shapes, and impressive quality of beads for his customers.  A lot of these bead strands are just so beautiful, like works of art.  

Bead Heaven I
For some sparkle, David has an assortment of 8" strands of Chinese crystals.  And look at these prices!  The more you buy the better the deal.  With the great variety of these crystals that I have purchased from David, I am using more and more of them in my jewelry designs.

Chinese Crystals 

Here's another view of Bead Dreams of NY amazing gemstone strands.  Bottom center is Sodalite, which is a lovely denim and white mixed color, and left center is Mookaite, a very colorful rust, tan and pink.
Bead Heaven II
 And still yet another part of the table to explore, with lovely jaspers, purple Charoite, Black Gold Amazonite and Jade.
Bead Heaven III
Needless to say, after visiting David's booth, I had more gemstone strands than I could carry.  They are quite heavy!  But I managed to get them to my car, and have been sorting them and dreaming of designs to use for my Catju Designs necklace and earring sets, which you can find in my Etsy Shop.
Bead Dreams of NY Booth at Northeast Bead Extravaganza, May 2012
If you get a chance, visit the Northeast Bead Extravaganza website to find out if there is a show in your area.  Stop in and say hello to David, and tell him that Kathy sent you!


Anonymous said...

This is brilliant, I love your work and what you are doing. Great job, keep it up! I will be back.

Hazel Judith said...

Hi Kathy, u look nice. Keep smiling like this. I will be visiting your shop very soon as I need some bracelets and necklaces. I hope you have created some amazing pieces. Meet you soon.

Kenneth Roberts said...

A riot of colors. The photos are outstanding. I am planning to visit the shop to check out the stuff myself. I am sure I will get what I want and may be more considering the stock the shops has.

Robbie Jones said...

I am an ardent fan of David for his impressive stocks. I always get what I need at his shop. He somehow knows what I am looking for and helps me to get those.