Thursday, April 12, 2012

Necklace Redesign, Part 2, Catju Designs

This post is a continuation from yesterday, where I used components from a vintage necklace to design two necklaces.

Here is the before photo:

For this necklace and earring set, I used the enamel butterflies to make a new necklace on a chain and earrings.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think, and which of the two new necklace and earring sets is your favorite.  


Jolie du Pre said...

You want to know which jewelry design is my favorite? This set for sure! I love fun, flirty jewelry, and the butterflies on this one are breathtaking. I can see myself wearing this out on a Friday night, whether its girls night out or out to dinner with my husband. I'd wear this with jeans and a nice top. I really love how you can take an old piece of jewelry and create an original design!

Devolyn A said...

I love both sets! It's so great that you did both of these from the one necklace!

LizzzFilm said...

Lots of great material from that one necklace. You captured the look of old jewelry and the simplicity of modern design really well wtih this project. Makes me wonder what you could do with the antique monstrosities I've inherited.

Anonymous said...

This butterfly set is my favorite for sure!