Friday, March 23, 2012

Jewelry Making Assistance at Catju Designs

Wanted to introduce you all to my assistant here at Catju Designs.  She has been an assistant for 8 years, and hold a very important position in the company.  She assists with all aspects of jewelry making, including sniffing inventory, checking all incoming bead strands for bugs, and of course finding a comfortable place to nap, often right on top of the things I am using.

Catju Designs Beading Kitten - Pookie

She is great company when I am hunkered down for long periods of time making jewelry.  Check out my latest items in my Catju Designs Etsy Shop.  There is even a cat necklace and earring set, inspired by you know who!!


Jolie du Pre said...

Although I love your designs, I must say that Pookie is one of my favorite features of this blog! Her fur color is absolutely gorgeous, and I'm sure she's a joy to have around as you work on your designs. Working from home can get lonely, and that's why it's always nice to have a pet around to keep us company.

Dianne said...

She is a beautiful cat, and I must say, every time I meet a kindred spirit- they always turn out to be cat people too. People that enjoy cats are the greatest people on earth. Cheers.