Thursday, February 2, 2012

Swarovski Bling for the Super Bowl - Dear Catju

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Dear Catju,

My husband is an absolute football fanatic, and he has our basement decorated in
everything football.  His favorite team is the Baltimore Ravens.  Me, on the other
hand, could give or take football.  In addition to my other Christmas gifts, my husband got me a black Ravens jersey that he is going to want me to wear. I’ll wear it, but I’m looking for ways to dress it up and make it as girly as I am.  Can you PLEASE help?

Canton, MD


Dear Rachel,

On the eve of Super Bowl weekend, I found this situation very interesting because we can dress your jersey up to find the medium that would work for your inner girl.  The biggest thing to keep in mind is that you don’t want to “clutter” the jersey as it already has a lot going on with the numbers and patches. The second thing is to try and tone down the clothes as much as possible.  If you want to style it up, start off by wearing a black long sleeve shirt underneath.  This draws attention to your face and arms, and then you can add various jewelry pieces.

If your jersey were purple, I would say go with black and silver jewelry, but since it’s black, you get to play with a fun color! Purple it is!

A pair of dangly earrings would definitely style-up this look. Our Violet Swarovski Crystal Crackle Bead Earrings would do the trick.  These earrings are so many hues of purple that you get to have fun with them on game day.  The crackle would also add a soft, girly texture that would really match your personality.
On your wrist, I would then wear something like our Swarovski Super Bling Crystal Bracelet.
I know…you’re saying “what the heck? clear crystal beads?”  But this bracelet is PERFECT for your jersey situation.  The auroro borealis coating on the crystals will pick up the purple from the jersey and reflect the color perfectly.  And you won’t look gaudy or over accessorized because the look is cohesive, attractive and complete.

Happy game day and I hope this will help you get to your girly-girl roots!



LizzzFilm said...

I never even considered trying to girl out a jersey on game day. Some good advice. We're OU people 'round here, and I'll have to take this same advice and apply it to crimson and cream.