Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cruise Jewelry - Dear Catju

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Dear Catju,

I’m getting ready to leave the dead of winter and head to the islands on my first cruise.  I’m SOOO excited and ready to get out of here.  My only problem is that I don’t want to go too islandy in my apparel or look cheesy or touristy.  Can you please help?

Pittsburgh, PA


Dear Margo,

Congratulations on your trip, the islands seem like a great place to be during this wintery and overcast time of year.

Totally understand what you’re saying about being too touristy!  You want to look luxurious, feel good and look put together when you’re on vacation.  The best look for this is the “relaxed beach chic” look. In the apparel world, this would consist of pieces like wraps and tunics as well as jeweled and beaded sandals.  If you can find simple bikinis and bathing suits that are plain black and white, then you’ll achieve the look you want.

As for accessories, well they’ll make or break your look if you don’t get it right.  For handbags, you’ll want something that is non-leather.  Stick to mostly canvas or straw.  You’ll want to have a buckle with something natural, like a piece of shell (a real shell, not a fake shell) or a piece of coconut.  This makes it relaxed but trendy.  Your sunglasses should be whatever you like, although I’d stray away from sport shades or over-shielded shades.  A nice, classic, plastic look says “I’m not trying to fit in here, I already do.”

As for jewelry, you definitely won’t want to wear any while on the beach, but you will however want to dress up for sunset dinners and all-night dancing!  So you’ll want to go with natural and colorful stones, as solid, plastic, colorful beads will NOT achieve what you want them to.  You’ll want something that is more translucent and can shimmer in the sunset or a moonlight walk on the beach. Our Sparkly Swarovski Crystal Earrings would really do the trick.

The Caribbean blue would add that “unintentional, but fabulous” pop of color to your black or white dress and the Swarovski crystal would shimmer, just enough.

Then on another night, I’d wear our Gemstone and Sapphire Satin Swarovski Crystal Necklace with a strapless dress.

Since your dress is solid, neutral color, the little pop of green with the natural textures of the stone would really give an elegant but island flair.

The best thing about these two pieces also is that you can wear them in the winter as well.  The necklace would look great with a white or cream, crewneck cashmere sweater, while the earrings would look great with anything dark green, yellow or navy.

I hope you have a fabulous trip and I hope we here at Catju Designs get to hear about it!


LizzzFilm said...

Good advice here. Both pieces have the look of a well-traveled woman, and not a cheesy tourist. I'm loving the colors in the necklace.