Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Goldstone Filigree Ring - Dear Catju

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Dear Catju,

How do you feel about cocktail rings?  I’ve seen in magazines lately that cocktail rings are the “big” thing today.  I’m not sure how I should wear them or when I should wear them?  HELP ME?!

Alexandria, VA


Hi Judy!

How do I feel about cocktail rings?  I LOVE THEM, when they’re worn right of course!  Cocktail rings are a big “WOW” statement to your outfit and can really make or break the entire look.  The big things to stay away from are the “cheap” looking cocktail rings -- this would be a ring that is dyed plastic with plastic stones that fill the ring -- that’s too gaudy.  You’ll want to stick to glass or natural stones that show more of an effortless, but chic look.

Another thing that you’ll want to focus on with cocktail rings is to NOT over accessorize!  Don’t wear a cocktail ring and pair it with every bracelet that you own.  That’s too much!  Wear a bangle or thin bracelet on the opposite arm and the look will be balanced and beautiful.

At Catju Designs, we’ve got a special ring that matches EVERYTHING and goes along with the effortless, high-fashion look.  Our Blue and Gold Goldstone Ring Number 1 is such a cute ring that pairs vintage with modern. The gold-plated wiring gives the ring an extra POP! That draws the eye to the calm and serene stone.

So what’s my final recommendation for cocktail rings? If they’re high fashion with special details, they’re totally wonderful!  Wear them, wear them, wear them!

Lots of style love!