Monday, January 30, 2012

Pearl and Swarovski Necklace Set - Dear Catju

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Dear Catju,
I’m a classic kind of chick.  I don’t really like new trends and like to stick to ageless and timeless styles and pieces. I really don’t like anything crazy or flashy.  The reason I’m writing this to you is because I have such a hard time at finding jewelry that makes a statement, but still sticks to my roots.  If this helps any, my fashion idol is Coco Chanel and I like to stick to her style, clean, sophisticated and elegant. Can you please help?

Westminster, MD


I would ABSOLUTELY love to help you with this!  Coco Chanel is the foundation for our fashion industry and the soul of each thread, bead and garment that walks the runways today!  She transformed our world into something chic and we are all ever-so-thankful!

Your style sounds AMAZING!  Classic and elegant is definitely a fabulous way to go and a lot of times is unappreciated by some of the fashion world.  With that being said, you’d want to stick to more of a neutral palette.  Now, neutral in the fashion world can mean a lot of different things—right?  Well in a round-about sense, it means just sticking to a core color set that can go with anything;  blacks, whites, grays, beiges.  When you feel a pop of color is needed, you can accent it with a cute headband or bangle to not be too flashy.  For an everyday classic piece, I’d recommend something like our Black, White and Gray Pearl and Swarovski Crystal Necklace and Earring Set.

This is a piece that falls into that “classic” realm that will forever be in your jewelry box.  The hues of pearls from black to white allow for it to be worn with various pieces; the little black dress, the Monday-morning suit and or the casual Friday outfit.  The toggle clasp finishes of this piece with that elegant touch that you were looking for, making it effortless, but classically chic. 

The earrings are great because you can wear them with anything as well, even in you’re NOT wearing the necklace!  This would really help to dress up the everyday wear with little effort and can be worn on all occasions!

I personally love this set because of the color palette that is associated with it.  I have a tendency to hold on to all of my classic pieces (like you do I’m sure) because they contain memories -- when I wear something that I wore ten years ago, it reminds me of all of the good times that I had -- and wearing that piece is something that is really close to my heart.

I hope this set will bring lots of joy, happiness and classic fabulousness!